January 1st, 2008 from Dharma City, Belgium

January 1, 2008

Dharma City ~

New Year's Eve

Dear, you are greatly fortunate and I would like to send you a wonderful message from the depths of my heart. This crazy guy wishes you
あなた方はとても運が良いです。そんなあなた方に私は自分の心の奥底からこの素敵なメッセージを送りたいと思います。 この狂った男(ガイ)はあなた方に

A Thoroughly Excellent and Happy New Year!

I wish that this coming year will be a source of great happiness for you and that all your wishes will come true. I hope that it will be the condition for you to benefit sentient beings and that it will also be the best manure for the wish-granting tree of your long life. I want to offer you my precious jewel of best wishes because you are the helper of all sentient beings; you are their protector and guide. Because of this, you are valuable, and not only for individual sentient beings but also for the entire society of sentient beings.


In Dharma City , we have just finished our Winter Retreat, during which we studied the Wisdom Chapter. It has delighted us greatly and been the source of profound
inspiration. It has allowed us to discover something incredibly interesting ? the extraordinary impartiality of compassion. We looked into it very deeply and iscovered that it is not to be found outside ourselves but inside ourselves, within our heart. It can only be found and cultivated in the human heart. Therefore, your eart is involved with compassion all the time. Well, I hope so!


That is why I am telling you that you are the guide of sentient beings, their protector and the source of their happiness. Someone who is living in Wisdom House and working with the great computer of knowledge, sends out compassion emails all the time, continually connecting with sentient beings.


This is not an ordinary kind of business. This business sends out compassion messages which tell everyone to practise compassion. It advertises compassion and takes care of its public relations. It sells compassion and it buys compassion. It sings its praises. It constantly points out its qualities. It even says that compassion is reality itself.


And it does not stop there. This compassion business also produces compassion soft drinks and compassion momos, all organic, compassion organic food which is extremely nourishing and beneficial for health. Whatever comes from compassion is useful and accessible. It brings happiness to everyone and it spreads happiness


I wish you the happiness of compassion!
I wish you great compassion!
I wish you a very happy new year of compassion!


Ha Ha! Ha Ha! This crazy guy has got himself half drunk on half of the champagne
and now he plans to get fully drunk on the other half!


Ha Ha!


*Rinpoche has kindly accepted to record some mantras for the occasion of the New Year to send with this message. Listen to the mantras
また、お正月に伴って、リンポチェは真言の録音に賛成してくださいました。ここでその真言を 聞くことができます。