April 18th 2008, from Tokyo Information about Shedi Monlam

April 18th 2008, from Tokyo





いずれにしても、私たちはベルギーのダルマ・シティでのイベントがあります。1ヶ月半の標準コース 、そして、2週間の真面目なコース です。


Dear Students,

I hope you are doing benefit to all sentient being well, and all things around you are in harmony and with Sempa Sangpo.

I am fine. Here in Japan everything is going well, but Ekanzati ordered to me too much. I am little bit tired, everyday I am half sleeping. But everything is so fine, going very well.

Second, I would like to make apologize to you about cancellation of our retreat in Tibet . Due to this cancellation, may be some of you lost your money!

Anyway, we will have some activity in the Dharma City in Belgium. Standard course will continue for 1,5 month, but serious course will be two weeks.

In the first week, we will study how to make peace outwardly, inwardly and secretly and during second week there will be prayers of Drubchen, which are the prayers, wishing to the world become peace. This Drubchen becomes very beneficent for all sentient beings, who was killed by the aggressive emotion of others, and also who was dead not naturally, not peacefully. But not only for them; it will bring benefit for all sentient beings.

This year is a little bit tough and strange year, therefore we want to make this peace prayers. For those, who will participate for this course and peace prayers of Drubchen, whoever it will be, this course will definitely bring benefit almost like 3 years retreat.

Probably for course we will have a small book, written by sleepy boy. hahahahahhahahaha.