January 4th, 2011 from Dharma City Beligum

January 4th, 2011 Dharma City Belgium 

パトゥル・リンポチェの翻訳総合会へのお誘いの手紙   総合会の場所:ベルギー、フローレン、ダルマ・シティ



Letter from Patrul Rinpoche: Translation Group Meeting from 19 to 28 February 2011

Dear all,

I am sending some message for those of my family or brother or sisters.

First I would like to say again many Tashi Delek for the coming year 2011. With that I have great wish that you are happy, successful, prosperous, and that you have perfect development of human compassion. And also I have strong expectation that you study Dharma to become quickly genuine superior human being for the benefit for all sentient beings.

Beside that I would like to invite you to the General Meeting of the Patrul Rinpoche Translation Group which is to research and edit scriptures, study Tibetan language, find out how we can translate from Tibetan to English, English to Tibetan, how to translate into different languages, and emphasize different literature.

Whoever is interested please you are welcome. Our centre will provide for education, food and basic accommodation, but unfortunately cannot offer travel costs.

We are making a schedule for the meeting. Roughly half a day will be consecrated to study, and the other half will be editing and transcribing teachings.

I will take the opportunity to offer you Tibetan lessons during this time so that you can learn the bases. To study Tibetan is very important because if you understand Tibetan, you can understand perfectly the Buddha's teachings. Even if you only understand written language and not spoken Tibetan, there is a lot of benefit as you can study directly the Dharma. To learn reading Tibetan is very fast and easy. If you can read and learn Tibetan I will be so happy. Therefore if you have interest please come. We can study together.

During the meeting we will also do transcription and editing. That is a good opportunity to listen again to teachings, and to take time to reflect on them. Moreover I hope it becomes useful to develop our Translation Group.

Much love
Patrul Rinpoche